New Mantras That Prove Your Beauty Regime Could Benefit From Isolation

10 Apr 2020

With the coronavirus ensuring many of us are confined to our homes, an opportunity arises for us to be a bit more experimental with our beauty regimes. And, while we encourage you to build up a bold look for that 10am Zoom call or whip out a glossy pout when your friends dial in on HouseParty, enforced solitude also offers the chance to trial a more potent skincare ingredient, to switch up the way we care for our hair or even just to give ourselves some downtime from our usual beauty routines. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for those curious to maximise quarantine conditions. 

Introduce New Products Into Your Routine, Carefully

With more time on our hands the temptation could be to go full-throttle in using products that will “revolutionise” our routines and spend all our free time adding step after step to our skincare routine. Michaella Bolder, skincare expert and master facialist, however, advises we pace ourselves with new products, and especially those on the more potent side. “Spending more time at home doesn’t necessarily mean you should up your levels of exfoliation, but instead think about including an exfoliating step, two to three times a week followed by a masking session to ramp up your routine.” Michaella suggests adding in an acid that “can deliver an immediate smoother and glowing result especially if you are using an AHA or a BHA ingredient, but be cautious not to over use acids as they can cause skin sensitivity. Two to three times a week is sufficient” if you are keen to try something new, like these Dr Dennis Gross pads

Take The Time To Get To Know Your Ingredients 

Knowing what goes into our favourite beauty products is important in understanding how they work for us. Glamorous packaging and seductive scents might often be why we pick up products, but let’s use this extra time we’re being afforded to get to know more about what we’re putting on our skin and how we are washing our hair. Olivia Crighton, the founder of the organic and sustainably-minded salon Glasshouse, in east London, advises that checking shampoos for sulphates would be an easy place to start. “When we talk about a sulphate-free shampoo we are talking about more aggressive, drying types like sodium lauryl sulphate,” Olivia told. “They can be a little more drying and one of the benefits of switching to a sulphate-free shampoo for some of us is that we can alleviate pre-existing irritations like an itchy scalp, redness or even contact dermatitis.” 

Fall Back In Love With Your Natural Nails

One of the first things that might spring to mind when we consider a beauty break right about now is giving our nails a rest, whether you’re someone who regularly infills their acrylics or just enjoys getting DIY with rainbow nail polish. However, as Ama Quashie, co-owner of Ama salon, admits nails don’t actually need that breath of fresh air we often think they do. “Contrary to popular belief your nails do not need to breathe, however [going without nail varnish] is a great opportunity to remind ourselves how beautiful our bare nails are,” she shared. With our hands and nails being such a focus in our stringent anti-viral cleaning techniques, we need to ensure that we’re looking after them beyond the creativity of changing up colours every day. “Keeping our hands hydrated is going to be key, now more than ever,” Ama offered. Her top tip? Jojoba oil. 

Reassess Your Hair Removal Method

Whatever you do with your body hair is your business alone. That said, this time spent at home could prove the perfect opportunity to reset and discover methods that will prove more efficient in the long-term. Epilating is one of these. If you’re trying for the first time, some hair growth is best as you can understand how the machine works. We recommend investing in Braun’s Silk 9 epilator that works both wet and dry to offer the easiest, most pain-free hair removal. 

But Remember, Consistency Still Remains Key

Just as it is beneficial to our mental health to stick to a familiar routine, our beauty regimes will benefit from sticking to how it usually plays out, too. Eilidh Smith, founder of fashion-industry favourite Skinwork, agrees. “Consistency with our daily home care routine is vital for our overall health,” she told Miss Vogue. “We should be keeping up our water intake, eating well and taking probiotics if we can, getting plenty of sleep and performing some additional steps in our beauty regime, like including facial massage steps, or adding in a hydrating mask while you’re spending downtime at home.”

Source: Vogue


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