Hermès Are Launching A Beauty Line Inspired By Their Iconic Birkin Bag

23 Jan 2020

Luxury fashion brand Hermès have announced it's stepping into the beauty ring with its first ever beauty product: lipstick.

After 183 years the French brand are releasing a line of lipsticks called Rouge Hermès, in 24 shades in two different finishes, matte and satin. The matte formula features shades inspired by their iconic Birkin bag, with the texture supposedly imitating the soft leather, while the satin shades pay homage to their classic silk scarves. We're already hooked. 

You'll be pleased to hear, unlike a Birkin bag, the lipsticks won't set you back £10,000. In a sustainable move, the brand is offering a refill system for when you run out of your go-to shade and, even better, the packaging is plastic-free and made from the same metals used in the hardware of their handbags. A lipstick refill will cost you $42 (approx £33) whilst a new lipstick will set you back $67 (approx £52). A little bit of Hermès luxury.

In order to pick the 24 shades, formulators deep dived into the brands archive and went through 75,000 silk swatches and 900 shades of leather to pick the perfect lipstick colours. Safe to say, research has been extensive.

The collection is set to be launching in March, with the fashion house planning to launch a new beauty product every 6 months in the near future.

Source: Elle


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