Net-a-Porter targets sustainable beauty product market

16 Jan 2020

The luxury online retailer has expanded its sustainable platform, Net Sustain, by adding a new category for beauty products.

Launched in June 2019, Net Sustain highlights sustainable brands and helps shoppers to identify products that are ethically made.ย According to Net-a-Porter, the beauty brands were selected to fit into the pillars established by Net Sustain. The framework includes considered materials and ingredients, considered processes, reducing waste, locally made products, craft and community, vegan and animal welfare.

"Sustainability no longer a choice but a necessity for luxury brands"

Identifying brands that go the extra mile for the environment ensures that consumers have a choice when it comes to not only high-quality products but also responsible packaging.

The beauty and personal care industry generates huge quantities of plastic waste, as well as disposable packaging and product wrappers that are often fully or partially unrecyclable.

According to Net-a-Porter, as consumers grow more conscious in their shopping decisions, sustainability is no longer a choice. It is becoming a necessity, especially for luxury brands.

Providing customers with more clarity on what they are buying allows them to make conscious choices in how they shop. It also helps them to adjust their wider lifestyle, for example, choosing vegan skincare to go alongside a vegan diet.

In addition, it contributes to paving the way for more transparency in the beauty and personal care industry, with certain ingredients no longer being commonly used or production methods being investigated.

Source: Retail Insight Network


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