Green Valley AWARDS will be held for the third time at InterCHARM 2020

25 Sep 2020

Green Valley AWARDS, a competition for the best organic, natural cosmetic product and eco-friendly packaging solution, will be held for the third time at InterCHARM 2020. As before, Green Valley AWARDS are hosted by LookBio magazine, internet portal and InterCHARM.

We invite you to participate!

A professional jury will evaluate cosmetics presented at InterCHARM in four categories:

  • Best organic product
  • Best natural product
  • Best "green" innovation
  • Best sustainable packaging

The last category is available to all cosmetic products regardless of their formula. Products that meet the criteria of international standards for natural and/or organic cosmetics are invited to the first three categories. All criteria are clear and can be found in the documents of Green Valley AWARDS.

Who evaluates products and how?

Green Valley AWARDS – is a professional award. The products are evaluated by a jury consisting of professionals of the highest level. Every year, the award jury is determined anew - it is important for us, as organisers, to maintain the independence of evaluation and freshness of perception. This year's jury included such cosmetic professionals as Oksana Ivanova, one of the leading cosmetic technologists on the Russian market, Tatyana Puchkova, Chairman of the management Board of the Russian Perfumery and Cosmetic Association, business expert Sergey Ostrikov, marketing Director of the online hypermarket 4fresh Karina Memedlyaeva and, of course, CEO of Reed Exhibitions Anna Dycheva-Smirnova.

Ratings for all submitted products are based on documents and a large round table of the jury members, during which professionals discuss the nominating products. Based on the results of this discussion, a protocol is drawn up for the companies that are participating in the award.

The experience of the previous two years has shown that a professional discussion of products presented at the Green Valley Awards is an extremely interesting event that can give participating companies important feedback. Therefore, this year the organisers will do everything possible to convey the full extent of professional information on the result of the product discussion to all participants.

Here you can find information about Green Valley Awards of  2018 and 2019 in Russian.

Participate in the competion:


Maya Murova: +79250235304,

Documents for Green Valley AWARDS:

·       Regulation for the competition: русский, English

·       Admission criteria: русский, English

·       Criteria for the nomination „Best Sustainable Packaging“: русский, English

·       Admission form: русский, English

·       Product nomination form: русский, English


* By the number of participants among exhibitions of a similar profile